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The office where we spend the most precious time of our working lives in our work place. This is the important part that one should be careful about the interior and décor of working space. We spend most of our time in office in a week, is as important part of our lives as our homes. The working conditions and the environment in the office affect people interaction with their family and friends at the day end. While designing the interior of office following point should be included.

For Office Interior Designing, we have categorized some of the important factors that should be implemented. Go through the below given points:

To plan an office effectively, the designer should have a thorough understanding of the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client, followed by an in-depth evaluation of the possibilities and constraints of the given space, including columns, beams, existing plumbing and so on.

It is the reception area that makes the first impact on the visitor and which colors his expectation of the space ahead. If the business of the company calls for continuous interaction with guests who need to be suitably impressed, then it is important that the reception area be adequately dressed.

Conference room is the central area of any office and can give impressions to anyone new having meeting in that room.

It is well to remember that ceilings, like any other surface, reflect light and sound, and contribute significantly to the lighting and acoustic qualities of a space Room.

Good lighting is crucial for effective work, besides which, lighting accounts for a considerable part of the energy consumed in an office. Therefore, two basic elements which the designer must keep in mind are the cost and the efficiency of lighting. On the other hand, it is lighting which makes design come alive and it should be exploited accordingly. It can create a warm, inviting and dramatic interior, or result in a cold and monotonous office.

Office flooring is subjected to more wear and tear than any other surface in the room, and it is therefore imperative that it be hardy and resilient.

While providing enough storage the emphasis today should be on eliminating unnecessary garbage.

For offices that can afford the space, a clean well designed and pleasant looking cafeteria or canteen will help employees relax.

Design should include comfortable work zones and furniture that's adapted to the use and needs of the office user. Then only we can think that we are capable to design and decorate an office.

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